Ballroom styles

Everything about ballroom styles (latin, standard, and all others) - social dancing, what to expect from competitive ballroom dancing, preparing for competitions, etc.

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Performance styles

Everything about performance styles (ballet, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, etc) - getting into dance companies, preparing for competitions, getting ready for auditions, and much more...

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Street styles

Everything about street styles (hip hop, jazz funk, etc) - the differences between styles, getting ready for competitions and performances, what to expect if you join a crew/company, etc.

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What it is all about...

Dear Dance Lovers!

This blog is for all of you! Those of you who have already developed your dance wings but may want to venture into other dance styles... Those of you who are about to embark on the beautiful journey of dance and are thinking about which styles to start with... And even those of you who are not dancers yourself, but are moved emotionally by the beautiful art form called dance...

I am a dancer and a choreographer, and, most importantly, a devoted dance lover myself. I dance many different styles and love them all. I have danced competitive ballroom dancing (even got a US champion title out of it), went to many competitive and performance events in other styles and even joined two dance companies.

I want to share my extensive experience with you and help you make informed decisions about choosing the right style for you, deciding between social versus competitive dancing, joining a company, and so much more. Please comment on my blogs or request information on any dance related topic, I will be happy to respond and provide as much help as I can.

Happy dancing!

Your Devoted Dance Lover

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